Oilfield Plastic Coating

A fusion-bonded epoxy coating specially designed for pipe and pipe fittings. It is primarily used for oilfield systems; however, can also be used for water, sewage, natural gas, and other piping systems. The coating is resistant to corrosive soils, hydrocarbons, chemicals, H2S, CO2, brine, wastewater, and saltwater. 5 Star Coatings offers two types of epoxy coatings, Akzo Nobel Corvel 1660 and Schotchkote 134. Our specialty is to coat large quantities of pieces per day with a quality finish to ensure we are meeting our customer’s needs and timelines. We are experienced in the process and have focused on the epoxy coating since day one of our business. In addition to fittings, we coat pipe, fire tubes, water legs, check valves, and fabricated piping systems, just to name a few.

Powder Coating

The durability of powder coating makes for an excellent protective coating for all metal products.  Any metal surface capable of conducting electricity and can withstand 400 degrees Fahrenheit can be powder coated. The coating provides uniform coverage with minimal fading and protects from the elements approximately 5 times longer than traditional paint. The coating is extremely resistant to chipping, flaking, and fading. It has UV protection and prohibits the formation of rust. The completed product serves not only as a protection to the elements but also provides an attractive finish.  5 Star Coatings has over 200 colors in stock and will also order colors at the customer’s request. In addition to the numerous color options, powder coating finishes offers an array of options, like textures, metallics, gloss levels, and clear coats.

Multi-Media Blasting

5 Star offers multi-media blasting.  We have the traditional sandblasting, plus aluminum oxide media, steel grit media, and glass bead media blasting also known as dustless blasting. We use the appropriate form of blasting for the preparation of products prior to coating. However, we also offer blasting as a service for DIY jobs.  If you plan to paint or prime yourself, let us blast the product and save you the time. With the addition of the glass bead blasting also known as dustless blasting, we are able to assist the blasting process of vehicle panels including cabs and aluminum pieces which are subject to damage during other types of blasting.

Spray-On Chrome

Over 10 years of research and development have produced a high-quality spray-on chrome coating that is truly stunning. The chemistry produces a flawless finish that’s engineered to last. Another amazing feature is that the chrome finish remains completely flexible on vinyl and polypropylene products. The topcoat is proven UV resistant which means it will never yellow or fade in the sun and creates an amazing layer of adhesion to prevent chipping, peeling, and flaking. The process starts with a primer to ensure complete adhesion to the product. The mirror image finish is created with a silver nitrate solution resembling the look or traditional chrome plating. A clear coat is added for protection and can be tinted for custom colors. The spray-chrome process can be applied to almost any surface including but not limited to metal, plastic, vinyl, leather, bone/antlers, and fiberglass.

24K Gold Plating

Add the beauty of 24K Gold to any metal surface. With our advanced plating system, 5 Star Coatings can add a 24K Gold, Copper, Silver, or Nickel finish. The finish is assured not to peel or flake and will not tarnish or corrode. With minimal maintenance, your finish will provide a lifetime of beauty. The application is great for automotive, jewelry, sporting goods, home interior, electronics, musical instruments, and marine hardware. 


5 Star coatings offers water-transfer printing also known as hydro graphics. The process consists of transferring a printed pattern to an object using water displacement. Any material that is hard, non-porous, and can be submerged in water without harm can be coated with this process. Glass, wood, metals, fiberglass, ceramics, and plastics all can be subjected to the water transfer print. We suggest considering our Spray-On Chrome as the base coat under your print. The mirror image with or without color adds an amazing finish to most patterns